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Hawkshead Relish Spiced Mango Ketchup

290 gram jar - Lake District, England


Spiced Mango Ketchup a different kind of ketchup

One of the testers popped the top and exclaimed this is really good! Mind you it was a gaggle of teenage boys who were testing, yet we think the same, this is good stuff.

Mango is the vehicle flavor melded with the flavors of India. With a touch of heat, the flavors are all mixed up in every spoonful. Every little taste is the same yet different.

What delicious fun this ketchup brings to your next bite! So good you can eat it with a spoon or use it as an excuse to break open a pack of hot dogs!

ingredients: Mango (35%), acetic acid, onions, brown sugar, sugar, lemons, limes, red chilli, peppers, salt, gelling agent (Pectin), chilli powders, cardamom, cayanne pepper, nigella seed, cumin seed