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  • Hawkshead Fruity Cranberry Sauce
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Hawkshead Fruity Cranberry Sauce

200 gram jar - Lake District, England

Fruity Cranberry Sauce
A perfect time of year for this sauce!

Cranberry can evoke a bitter pucker in the lips and create sour eyes if one eats or drinks them with no sweetener friends to go with. It may be good for you (I am pretty sure it is), straight up it is hard to take, more like medicine than joy!

Sauce or relish are often filled with chunky or full sized cranberries. And, at the right time, topping turkey or mashed potatoes or a chocolate cheesecake is perfection.

The question is what to do when you want cranberries, without the pomp and circumstance of thanksgiving.

That's where this Fruity Cranberry Sauce comes in. It's sweet, it has sugar, and apple and chunks of soft cranberry. And it is not too sweet, it's a nice spoonful treat. The cranberry is definitely present with twinges on the edge of the finish in the cheeks.

To the nose, it's light and a little fluffy. For sure you get a bit of a tickle in the nostril but it is not over the top, more of a twist than a poke.

I really like this Fruity Cranberry Sauce. It just seems right in texture and flavor without too much of anything. It would go great on a saltine with peanut butter, open face, or on a turkey sandwich. This is a versatile jar of delish!

Mark (who IS Hawkshead) creates great combination of flavors. I don't think there is anything I have had of his I haven't liked or appreciated. Some of my most memorable moments (in the world of taste) have come from Hawkshead Relish.

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