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Great condiment and a must try!
I was pleasantly surprised with the unique flavor of this Black Garlic Ketchup. Its the perfect topping for my plant based burger. Now I’m going to have to get more before its gone and try the Smoked version as well. Bon Appetit
by Raymond
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Hawkshead Black Garlic Ketchup

230 ml Bottle - Lake District, UK

Black Garlic Ketchup!
Healthy longevity comes from eating Black Garlic!

Sometimes great things just appear. And when they do it’s a WOW kinda thing!

This dark, very dark gourmet ketchup is nothing like the red stuff we have used our whole lives. In fact, it does not resemble anything we have had before. Though, I am thinking that the next burger I make will have this as the condiment of excellence.

Like most ketchups it has vinegar, acid and tomato. And then the similarity stops there.

To the nose Hawkshead black garlic ketchup has a big twingy tickle from the acetic acid - balsamic vinegar. To the tip of the tongue it is sweet. And to the mouth it is a squeeze in the cheeks pleasure. It took a couple of “tastes” to notice the little bits of garlic. At the end, some of the time, there is a tickle in the back of the throat.

The flavor of this gourmet ketchup is not “garlic”, at least not to the taste buds. It takes some cheek smacking to get the garlic… the flavor is much more about the complete experience. Sweet twinge of good with hints of Balsamic and caramel. This is like an extension enhancement of black garlic into a ready to pour form!

To make black garlic you heat a full head of white garlic at 150 degrees for several weeks. The browning action is created by Maillard reaction and is not caramelization. The sharpness in fresh garlic is transformed as it breaks down over time and minimizes the strong flavor.

It has been around for a long time, long associated with longevity and even immortality, black garlic is rich in color, rich in flavor, with roundness, fullness and lots of fun when it is packed like a gourmet ketchup.