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  • Goulibeur Broye du Poitou French Butter Shortbread in Wooden Box
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Goulibeur Broye du Poitou (French Butter Shortbread) in Wooden Box

380 gram cake/cookie - France


Broye du Poitou Pur Beurre

Just like the Cognac version, - except that it doesn't have the cognac, - this cookie is a wonderful sight. 

Open the wooden box (ok so it's not like thick wood, more like a veneer, still it is wood) and behold your giant cookie - made to be broken, not cut! What fun! 

Goulibeur has been making this traditional family recipe for a long time! 

Selon la tradition, le Broyé du Poitou ne se coupe pas, il se brise d'un coup de poing sec, chacun prend alors un morceau selon son appétit. 

Loosely translated, "tradition says don't cut it with knife, but punch it with your fist, so you can make the size of cookie you want!" About 10" across. 

Limited to supply on hand.