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  • Gli Aironi Cherry Wood Smoked Carnaroli Rice


Gli Aironi Cherry Wood Smoked Carnaroli Rice

500 gram bag - Vercelli, Italy


Gli Aironi took some of their best carnaroli rice and smoked it with cherry wood for 14 hours. The result is a rice with soft woody notes, intense smoky smell, and pleasantly delicate palate. The Gli Aironi Carnaroli Rice is perfect for a risotto with a little something extra, or as a side to meat, fish or game.  

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We took a chance on this rice and we’re glad we did. To try it out I cooked it first like normal rice. We had it with chicken breast sautéed with balsamic vinegar and mushrooms. It was like taking a trip to a woodsman’s camp, with the earthy mushrooms playing so well with the lightly smoky rice. Wonderful. I’m excited to discover more uses for this rice.
by Cat Fox