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Sweet Cherries

Reed Avocado


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Lightweight Best Sellers and Fabulous Foods. Click on the photos below!

Albacore Tuna Albacore Tuna

Yuzu Kosho Yuzu Kosho

Croccante Croccante

Chocolate Chocolate Twigs

Balsmic Balsamic Vinegar

Crackers Raincoast Crisps

Hot Chocolate Cranberry

Chocolate Twigs Twigs of Chocolate

Turkey shipping included

lard shipping included

Drinking chocolate Can't decide?
Not only does this make a great chocolate drink, it is also great chocolate. A sip of this and you will be loved. But be prepared, this might not be the only tin of drinking chocolate that you will be required to get!
Shop Now for drinkin Chocolate

Stollen Shipping Included
Fresh Washington Cherries The Best Gift that Gives Twice

A mere gift certificate is just an electronic picture that sends best wishes. It often passes like a ship in the night.

Yet the meaning is there, along with all the care, when it's a Cherry Certificate from The Stennes Family Farm. A four generation farming family who passionately cares about all that they harvest. This passion comes through in their fruit, and especially when they are Rainier Cherries.

What amazing fruit, the sweet cherry is. With a crunch, a sweetness erupts along with flowing juices. With its wonderful sweet-tart flavor distinct unto itself, varied by the many varieties that there are. We offer these: the majestic multi-colored Rainier, the sweet Bing, the big juicy Lapin, and the sweet-tart Sweetheart. And new this last year, the Early Robin. Like the Rainier, it is sweet red and gold. Each and every one is Picked-at-their-Peak, sorted by hand in the orchard, and shipped directly to your door.

It's one of those gifts that our world gives us and it's one of the sweetest gifts you can give. A Cherry Certificate received now, as the winter temperatures turn cold, is a warm reminder of what gifts the summer harvest has to give. And, in just a few months, when the weather turns warm, the memory of such a wonderful gift is revived as the first of the cherries arrive!

Not only is it a gift that gives twice, it is lighter than air. No shipping charges here! It's our version of "buy now - pay later". Remember, we don't charge you until the week before harvest, late June to July, depending on the cherry variety. Give the gift that gives twice - Sweet Washington Cherries.

Order now - pay in June

Italian Panforte They're out of this world!

The fabulous California raised Reed Avocados. On Peter and Bonnie's Herman Ranch they raise avocados, a few chickens, a little garlic and perhaps a horse or two. Though, the Haas is the mainstay of California's Avocado crop, Herman Ranch has chosen to foster and grow the Reed alongside the Haas.

And we and the universe are benefitting from this. These are buttery, giant (think the size of a softball) fleshed avocados. But, it is not the size, impressive as it is, but the flavor, the feel, and the taste that makes them great. In fact, otherworldly.

Like a great cherry, or a new oil harvest, a great avocado, when found, is best to cherish and to enjoy the season: it is a time to look forward to every year. Give this gift now in the beginning of the winter to warm the recipient of how wonderful the summer will be.

Not only is it a gift that gives twice, it is lighter than air. No shipping charges here! It's our version of "buy now - pay later". Remember, we don't charge you until the week before harvest and ship - usually mid-August to mid-September.

Gift the Reed Avocado

Smoked bacon Bacon Lover's Dream Gift!

Three pounds of one of the finest ingredients we have. Lightly smoked Mangalitsa Bacon creates a wonderful pan of oil and bacon when cooked. The three pounds is the perfect amount, where shipping is included, it's the best deal.

The Gift for Bacon Lovers Shipping Travel Times Shipping Deadlines
24 Hours left if you choose Two-Day Shipping
We ship on Tuesday and you get it Thursday. This gives your package a chance to arrive in time for the holiday. We like the one day buffer of an extra delivery day of Friday.

Time is up. Order today and choose two-day service for the Midwest and East Coast. West Coast order today and ground should make it.

Remember, Saturday and Sunday are not work days and thus are not counted as transit days by shippers.

Order by noon Tuesday!

Shop now to get it on time!


Christmas Stollen
I love this Stollen! Shipping included.

Almost everyday we get a new shipment of this wonderful Stollen. The first slice reveals the marzipan core and the candied fruit. Toasting alone is a wonderful treat. Add butter and it could qualify as dinner.

Anyone who gets this should be pleased.

To make it easy, we have rolled the cost for two-day shipping into the price.

Stollen Shop Now for easy shipping!

Gift Certificates!

You set the amount for a Gift Certificate.
Can't decide? Nothing like a Gift Certificate for the person who likes to choose their own. A Gift Certificate can last and last. Your friend, a loved one or the Chef in your life will get to cruise the site or come in to the shop. It's the gift that just keeps on unwrapping!

This Weeks Recipes

Pork Chops with Ginger and Apple Sauce
Easy recipe with great success.

Elderflower Angel Food Cake
Martha makes her own Elderflower syrup. But, if you are not planning 2-4 days in advance, just grab a bottle of d'Arbo Elderflower Syrup. Add a few fresh berries, and you have a light and flavorful dessert.

Onions Glazed with Honey
This is a garnish for roasted meats or birds, served with sauteed potatoes and a comforting red wine from a sunny place, a Chateauneuf-du-Pape, for example.

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