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  • Fossil River Flake Sea Salt - Porcelain Crock


Not available at this time - please see Fossil River Salt in a tub

Fossil River Flake Sea Salt - Porcelain Salt Crock

5 oz -(140 grams) - Villena, Spain

Salt from the underground waters

Fossil River Salina

We are often approached by a producer who wants us to carry their product. Sometimes this is good, sometimes not so much. This one is a winner!

Perhaps you know the Castle of the Pies Negros, also known as Villena Castle. What you may not know is that there are underground rivers & springs in the earth nearby. And from those waters an amazing salt is harvested.

Salt has been one of those favorite things we fell in love with when we started over 20 years ago. Since then we have tried a lot of salt. Hard to imagine but it's pretty difficult to discern the differences between one salt and another when you try more than three in a row. They just start to all taste salty.

When you do try a salt that is out-of-this-world, you know it instantly.

salt crystal Fossil River sea salt flakes is indeed one of them. These big, beautiful flakes of sea salt are created after extracting the water from the river and poured in saline pools whilst the hydrogen and oxygen atoms disperse.

This allows the natural elements to be retained and remain in these glorious salt crystals.

Big flakes that crunch and disappear with ease, leaving nothing but the flavor of salt.  

These sea salt flakes are so large you can pick them up with delicate fingertips and by placing one or two choice crystals in key strategic locations on a brownie, it is indeed divine

I only just met the salt today but I am in love. I expect you will be too, as there is plenty to share.