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  • Essential Pantry Organic Whole Juniper Berries


Essential Pantry Organic Whole Juniper Berries

1.5 oz pag

These blue-purple orbs are the fruit of the evergreen shrub juniper communis, native to both Europe and America. They are often considered too bitter to be eaten when raw, but after drying are ideal for adding to meats, sauces, and stuffings. 

These berries were gathered along Croatia's Dalmatian coast, where they add their fragrance to that of wild rosemary, lavender, and thyme. When used whole, it infuses marinades and sauces with a distinctive piney-green flavor. It best compliments sauces made with brandy, red wine and beer. When dry-roasted and crushed it is used to stuff and season meats and game.

It is a common spice in a dry-rub, most often used when making duck confit. It appears traditionally in braised beef, pates, and sauerkraut. In Europe the berries are often used in preparing dishes of game.

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