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Arborio Rice
- Italian Risotto Rice - Italy

Arborio rice, particularly suitable for the preparation of risotto, will produce delicious ones with a starchier, stickier texture. It has a good, compact consistency and should be served firm, not soggy. (Typical cooking time is about 20 minutes, stirring frequently.)

About Arborio Rice
Arborio is a superfino variety of rice because of its length to width ratio. It was first grown in the mid-1940s near the Piemontese town that bears its name. For years Arborio was the only Italian risotto rice imported to the USA, and so many recipes call for it. Organic Arborio rice has significantly less amylase than Carnaroli or Vialone Nano, but it has a higher overall starch content than both. Consequently, Arborio Italian risotto rice will absorb less liquid than Carnaroli or Vialone Nano, and take longer to cook (about 20 minutes). It is also known to be less forgiving – it can turn from not-done to done in a blink of an eye.

About the Producer
The Azienda Agricola La Gallinella has for many generation been the property of the same family that directly manage and oversee the cultivation. Agriculture at la Gallinella is the fountain of life, tradition, pride, and their profound tie with nature. Located on the Lombardy side of the Po plain, La Gallinella produces excellent Arborio rice using certified organic methods.