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Effie's Cocoa Cakes
7.2 oz bag
- Massachusetts

The Cocoa Cakes is a pleasant surprise as well. But if you think you're going to have a chocolate bar or a chocolate cookie, you would be wrong. The cake initially actually feels more savory than the Rye.

Perhaps it's the brain taking over the taste buds. This is the perfect mix of cocoa (a.k.a. chocolate) and a savory cake that is crispy crunchy. Most chocolate-like "cookies" achieve this cocoa feel with chunks of chocolate, or overwhelming flour filled with cocoa mass.

This is not the case with Effie's Cocoa Cakes.

First is the bite, you get a crunch, bite some more, a hit of salt,  press your tongue to the top of your mouth to savor the chocolate, and a finish of salt. All from a biscuit called a cake!

These cocoa chocolate biscuits are amazing, amazingly good!

Effie's has the crunch that you want, with the flavors that amaze!


effies cocoa cake