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  • Cuscusa Family Artisan Fregula Sarda Pasta


Cuscusa Family Artisan Fregula Sarda Pasta

500 gram bag - Sardinia, Italy

Artisan Fregula Sarda Cuscusa Family Pasta

This Sardinian Fregula is a hand made pasta shaped into tiny balls with a porous rough surface.

Made in large open terra-cotta bowls of flour and water. A masterful combination of swirling fingertips move the coarsely ground durum wheat semolina flour with tiny amounts of water added at a time in a circular motion creating the tiny pasta.

The swirling of the tiny pieces of now forming fregula through the water and as you go, you drizzle more flour in with more swirling fingertips rolling the now forming balls.

Though it looks easy, making large clumps of flour by mistake is even easier! Small amounts of water and lots of fingertips swirling. Practice and more practice.

The fregula is then dried on a cloth and toasted in the oven.

This hand made fregula is more consistent in color and inconsistent in the shape and size. Hard to see with the naked eye, this variation in shape tells you that it is hand made. And, though it is subtle, the “bite” is fluid, making it more fun to eat.

Whether it is hand made or the machine made, Fregula is a super versatile pasta. It’s shape is small, not a conventional shape we think of for pasta at all. And thus, because of its diminutive size, Fregula is so flexible!