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Olive Oil

Golden Raisins

Skin on Almonds

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smoked turkey smoked turkey
The New York Times said this is the best smoked turkey in the country! The perfect size, this fully cooked applewood smoked turkey is not to big, with every inch having a wonderful light smoke flavor. From the skin to the thigh, paired with a juicy cranberry sauce and every bite is a treat! Order soon as we have a limited supply.

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Castelas Fruit Noir What is Fruit Noir?
The art of a fine Coufi makes it so

There is something about the French olive oils these last two years that sets them apart from all others. Domaine du Castelas, prestigiously ranked as one of the best olive oils in the world, has a deep green color that is enhanced by an even darker inner blackness that you can see that isn’t really there. It must be a refraction thing. The best way to see it is pour some into a cup or white spoon.

Fruité Noir is not like classic olive oil, which is pressed from the flesh of freshly picked olives, it is in fact coufi olives that are stored in a warm place before pressing. To learn more about coufi and Fruité Noir and read about why this oil is unique and pressed from selected olives from the center of the pile.

To smell is to inhale a smell so familiar, yet it is difficult to identify with words. It is like a just bitten olive, a little milky, that wafts upon the nose. The first taste is more buttery in feel to the lips, with a tingle on the very tip of the tongue. And then, the oil lands on the taste buds with a softness and a unique flavor of a coufi olive. And to finish, there is a slight, pinpoint burn in the back of throat.

We first brought in just a few bottles for the store which sold out in hours! To sample this oil is like candy to an olive lover! Add this oil to your repertoire!

Shop now for Fruit Noir XV

Golden Raisins Drunken Raisins Drunken Raisins
Arthritis fighter?

When grapes dry, the high concentration of sugars produces nature’s candy that are called raisins and are over 70% fructose. Containing iron, vitamin C, calcium, boron (essential for bone health and osteoporosis prevention by helping absorb minerals like calcium and magnesium), kaempferol flavonoid (may reduce your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease with its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent) , quercetin (anithistamine properties), catechins phytonutrient (may help to oxidize fat and improve your cognitive power!) and oleanic acid, which makes this candy a fighter of tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that causes cavities.

Golden raisins have more of the above than dark raisins, except for the one that makes you “smarter”. The difference in the raisins, dark (Thompson) and golden (White Muscat or Thompson), is the drying process. The dark are dried by the sun, and the golden are dried indoors most often in ovens. The Golden Thompsons are treated with sulfur dioxide to keep them light in color during the drying process. (About 1 in 100 people have some allergy to sulfur dioxide.)

Drunken Raisins is an interesting “cure”, Perhaps a bit like “snake oil” of the wild west, it has a strong following and is believed to help alleviate the pain associated with arthritis. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence showing this to be true, with many people talking about how it works for them. And, there are others that poo-poo it, saying it’s nothing but a placebo.

I suppose if it works for you, you might not care how it works, right? Arthritis pain is like a cold 40º day in the Northwest, where your skin is warm but your bones ache and there seems like there is nothing you can do about it!

Drunken Raisins is pretty simple to make, it just takes a little time. In a jar or dish that can be left open, place golden raisins and cover with gin that is made from juniper. Let the mixture sit a week to a month to let all the alcohol evaporate, then eat about 8 raisins a day.

I had a friend who was in terrible pain and when he started this process I thought he was joking, thinking it was just “gin” excuse, until he told me that you wait until the alcohol is gone. Perhaps the benefit is a combination of the ritual of taking matters into your own hands, the healthy benefits specific to golden raisins, and the juniper in the gin.

Try it and let us know. It’s only golden raisins and gin ... either way, it can’t be bad ...

Shop now for golden raisins!

marcona almonds

Shop Now at gourmet
Marcona Almonds
Fried with the skin on!

When you take a look, at first they look like someone made a mistake and fried them to long. When you find out that they have their skins on and you taste one, you realize what genius they are!

The salt, the almond and the fried skin make just the right combination to this nutty (well actually seedy) treat. Like candy, almonds seem to draw your hand to them.

The salty crunch is addictive and good for you. Like the golden raisins, it's a great snack, and better than a bag of candy corn or malted chocolate sport balls. Mix them with salted marcona almonds and you have delightful appetizer. Just for you!

Shop now for skin on marcona almonds
  blood orange
Citrus filled Blood Orange Olive Oil


A spicy version of Picallilli and a great favourite of chilli lovers. It is packed with chunky vegetables and flavour. Great with cold meats and on a baked potato for a warming quick meal.

Like everything from Hawkshead, each and every relish they make is "spoon-ready". So good in taste that you can eat it with a spoon! And when you add Chillililli to your favorite sandwich you will taste what we mean!

The Hawkshead Relish Company is small, family-run artisan food business based in rural Cumbria, in England's Lake District. They have taken home more than 30 "Great Taste Awards" for their relishes, pickles and preserves.

hawkshead buy me

Give the gift of class! Cooking that is.
Taste-of-the-Cakes coming!

Cooking Classes with Chef Erin - Tapas: Small plates Class
Start the year off with small plates! Learn the history and origins of some of the most commonly used Spanish ingredients, as you learn how to prepare a variety of tapas dishes such as piquillo pepper stuffed with herbed goat cheese, citrus-marinated olives, tortilla de papas with garlic aioli, marcona almonds with rosemary & sea salt, deviled dates, Catalan white beans and more!

Open Sundays in November! Come in and see what's new. Baking Chocolate has arrived.

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Wilted Spanish Salad with Bacon & Pecans Recipe

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