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  • Coconut Milk (Coconut Cream)


Ayam Coconut Milk (Full-fat Coconut Cream)

9oz - Malaysia

We taste-tested all the coconut milks we could find at the grocery store, and this one takes the cake. Real coconut flavor and no guar gum or added sugar. The next best thing to shredding and squeezing your own. 

100% Natural - Not a Nut
Coconut Milk

A fruit or drupe, this nut is not a nut and not nearly as dangerous as one is led to believe.

Contrary to popular belief, these nuts are not deadly.

As the common saying goes “if the fall doesn't hurt you, you'll be better for it. “

Just a few hundred people a year die from coconuts falling on their head worldwide, so one is reasonably safe unless there's a coconut tree nearby.

Coconut milk and coconut water on the other hand, have been touted as exceptionally, unbelievably fabulous for you. We don't know about that, but we do know that the coconut milk that we use is indeed fabulous! Consists of just two ingredients: coconut kernel extract and water. That's it.

Filled with lots of B vitamins and other good stuff, coconut milk is a versatile and surprisingly useful ingredient to have in your essential pantry.

Not only is coconut milk essential for desserts such as coconut cream pie, coconut cupcakes, coconut hot white chocolate, and of course coconut ice cream.

It is a wonderful ingredient in savory dishes as well. Think of Thai Curry for your shrimp, coconut rice (if you use coconut milk to cook the rice) or a wonderful curry garlic pepper milk sauce for your fresh fish!

We have tried a boat load of coconut milk and this is the best we have tasted!  


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Really love this product!
I'm a big fan. Tasting this against the more widely available -- i.e., mass-market -- brands of coconut milk is a real revelation. Ayam is much thicker and has MUCH more flavor. I recently used it as part of a marinade and sauce for some grilled swordfish (modified from a recipe on Food52), and the final dish was jaw-droppingly good. Additionally, I like the fact that it has nothing in it other than coconut and water.
by Maggie