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  • Marionberry Fruit Spread


Oregon Growers Marionberry Fruit Spread - 12 oz
Straight from the Hood River Valley, Oregon 

A Berry Named Marion
Oregon Growers makes a spread worth spooning!

Circa 1956, George F. Waldo developed a new blackberry named Marion after the county it was extensively tested in. Harvest timing placed it between the Boysen (early) and the Thornless Evergreen (late) two existing varieties of blackberry. The Marion yielded a superior fruit, was earlier in fruition than the Evergreen, and with a thicker cane was easier to train resulting in the ability to reduce the number of canes, producing more fruit on more branches (and less canes).

Taking the native Oregon trailing blackberry, Rubys macropetalus Dougl, crossed with Chehalem X Olallie, circa 1945, selected in 1948 and tested until released as Marion in 1956.

The result is this, some 58 years later (It takes time to create good, and proving age doesn’t have to be bad!) Oregon Growers Marionberry all natural fruit spread is the bomb!

(With full disclosure, we totally love the Oregon Growers Marionberry Fruit Spread, so our review is biased:)

Take off the top, the lid, if you will, and dig in to gather a full spoonful and you will enjoy a richness of full flavored filled very berry taste. We stop short of calling it creamy (not so appealing a word when describing a fruit spread) but it has an enveloping rich mouthfeel that touches the outer edges of your tongue like a fine Cabernet. You wish all fruit based jams would be like this.

A whiff after tasting of the jar (or your second spoonful) smells like a very, very blue berry.

The combination of guilty fruity spread placed atop butter is a very important test, and one I take very seriously. It is perfection as it allows the toast to crunch, the butter to blend, and the fruit to spread with flavor.

If we had to choose, we like it cold; very, very cold. But that’s not to say we are not going to be ecstatically happy when we have a peanut butter and Marionberry sandwich! The combination of berry tasty and not to sweet, is just the right combination to stand up to peanut butter without domination in a bite.

Oregon Growers & Shippers makes farm direct jams and fruit spreads by combining fresh, in-season produce and recipes that highlight the natural flavor of each ingredient. Oregon Growers & Shippers purchase each ingredient directly from local farmers that have exceptional growing practices. Additionally, since quality control is of top priority, all of their products are made in small batches, using fresh, in-season ingredients to produce each product. With the goal to re-establish the connection between the consumer and the origin of their food, Oregon Growers & Shippers celebrates its regional food economy by promoting food from the source - they do this by establishing long-term partnerships with regional growers who practice sustainable agriculture.

marionberries, cane sugar, pectin, citric acid