Licuado de Platano Cold Drink Recipe


1 cup Ayam Coconut Milk 

1 Cup Almond "milk" - any milk will work including from a cow 

2 ripe and frozen Bananas 

2 cups ice 

freshly ground cinnamon 

a blender 

a spoon


A Banana Icy Drink Recipe
Licuado de Platano

Licuados are milk-based drinks often made with fruit. In this case with bananas. All you need is a blender and in about a minute you are swallowing a soothing smoothie! We modified it with the addition of coconut milk to give it a tropical refreshing summer twist.

Incredibly easy to make and incredibly satisfying especially served super cold! 

serves more than a few


#1: Place everything in the blender and blend

#2: Pour into small cups

#3: Sprinkle and dust with cinnamon.