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Essential Pantry Whole Cinnamon Sticks - Ceylon

1.5 oz

Canela, the Spanish word for cinnamon is also known as Ceylon cinnamon, this is a true cinnamon that is used frequently in Mexican cooking. A native of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) it is also a primary ingredient in Indian, African and Asian foods as well. Its floral, complex taste sets it apart from cassia, the bark that most often substitutes for true cinnamon.

The thin and fragile bark of canela makes it highly perishable, so it is best to use and grind it only as needed. Naturally, Ceylon cinnamon sticks are good for myriad sweet dishes like cakes, cookies, pies and ice cream, and is the penultimate accompaniment for anything chocolate. 

Fruit and wine are warmed by a touch of canela, as are savory dishes like curries, pilafs, tagines and the Moroccan specialty bistyaa.

canela-cinnamon-whole-sticks Burn your sugars

Cinnamon - not all metabolism accelerators are the same!

Eat cinnamon in your early morning porridge of oats or emmer, it doesn't matter, it's the perfect way to get your body going and starting to burn fat. Cinnamon doesn't actually go in "burn" things up, but it does get your metabolism going by creating a themogenic burn. Like cayenne, this effect on the body is a positive occurrence and if you like cinnamon what could be easier?

Eat cinnamon and it might help with type-2 diabetes, according to the Mayo Clinic. It's the action that cinnamon has on your body that helps improve hemoglobin A1C levels. It may be that the cinnamon increases the insulin action in the body. If you control your blood sugar, hopefully your cravings for bad food and excess sugar will diminish.

Eat cinnamon in your favorite desserts, or add it to apples or fruit to go with a nice pork chop, or your next oven roasted Moroccan lamb tanginess. It's a pretty versatile spice and it really is wonderful. It fights cholesterol, those bad LDL's, and as we know reducing fats in your blood is a good thing. Cinnamon might even attack tummy fat in men, well maybe not that, but fresh cinnamon sounds like it could be good for you!