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  • Hawkshead Mild Indian Sweet Pepper Pickle
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Hawkshead Mild Indian Sweet Pepper Pickle

190 grams - Lake District, England


Indian Sweet Pepper Pickle
from Hawkshead

Packed with capsicum sweet peppers and mixed with Hawkshead's own blend of roasted spices and herbs, these peppers are a fantastic burst of flavors. If you love peppers, you’ll love this pickle! 

Open the jar and the color of turmeric dominates the scene. You can see little bits of peppers, ginger seeds and spices. Dip your spoon in cautiously and the aromas escape the surface. Get close with your nose to get a good whiff. It’s a super blend of all the spices and the pepper together. 

Recipe ideas for this sweet red pepper relish include stuffing a teaspoon in a chicken breast before roasting, or stirring through some mashed potatoes for serving with an Indian curry. Sweet Pepper Pickle paired with goat cheese, makes a great quiche filling.

About the Producers

The Hawkshead Relish Company is small, family-run artisan food business based in rural Cumbria, in England's Lake District. Although small, they have already taken home more than 30 "Great Taste Awards" for their relishes, pickles and preserves.

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Jar weight 200g

pepper (76%), sugar, garlic, ginger, sunflower oil, acetic acid, herbs, salt, mustard & spices