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  • Hawkshead Black Garlic Pickle
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Hawkshead Black Garlic Pickle

220 Gram Jar - Lake District, England

A pickle like you have never ever had!
Black Garlic Pickle

It just might be the best combination of food words for the year.

Black Garlic and pickle. Pickle as in adding to the lifespan of foods thru good bacterial growth and keeping at bay the bad.

To the nose you get the whiff of vinegar and tinges of spices.

To the mouth?!! It is a wondrous creation of flavors that runs thru your taste buds leaving a fabulous tingly ring around your mouth.

The flavors of the Hawkshead black garlic pickle are a wild range of black garlic and turmeric, cumin, ginger and the tickle of chili! It just comes together so nicely. If you taste just the “sauce” without the dates (which are very smooth and fall apart) it conjures up visions of happy sandwiches, perfect steaks and cheese.

Woowee! What a fabulous taste! A 3 Star Great Taste Award Winner.