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  • Hawkshead Cumberland Sauce
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Hawkshead Cumberland Sauce

200 gm - Lake District, England

Cumberland sauce is a fruit-based condiment with a rich and storied history. Legend has it that the sauce was created in the late 19th century by a German chef who worked for the Duke of Cumberland. The sauce quickly became a favorite of the Duke's and was named in his honor.

Although some dispute the connection to the Duke, there is no doubt that Cumberland sauce has become a quintessential British condiment beloved by many. It is a staple of the Cumbria region of England and is often referred to as a store cupboard essential.

Traditionally, Cumberland sauce is made with a combination of redcurrants, damson wine, oranges, and lemons. The resulting sauce is rich, tangy, and has a distinct fruity flavor that pairs perfectly with non-white meats such as venison, ham, and lamb. During the holiday season, Cumberland sauce is often served with ham and cold meats, much like cranberry sauce is served with turkey.

It can be thought of as an English alternative to cranberry sauce for those who don't eat turkey. This redcurrant jelly sauce is also great when added to gravy and will enhance any essential pantry.