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  • Chocolat Moderne Espresso Caramel Sauce


Chocolat Moderne Espresso Caramel Chocolate Sauce

8.25 oz jar - New York, NY

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To the nose, this espresso caramel sauce smells like chocolate and coffee.

Close your eyes and to the mouth and tongue it conjures up a beautiful luxurious clawfoot bathtub.


The softness of the espresso caramel sauce is like a super plush high-thread count towel.


The caramel sauce melts quickly in your mouth yet at the same time it seems like its lingering on forever. And when you finally realize it’s actually physically gone, it’s still there, it’s imparting a wonderful chocolate smoothness.


Taking a very small amount on the tip of your tongue you can’t help but feel how smooth and how to the point this sauce is. This sauce acts big. Full of expansive flavor even with a small amount.


Play with the espresso chocolate sauce and you know it’s chocolate yet somehow there’s other flavors that are emitted from it. Subtle, sweet, yet not too sweet at all as it rolls around lazily in your mouth as it works its way to the back. Almost as if the sauce is saying hello to all your senses.


If you try to rush the sensation it will explode in chocolate flavor with nuances of the chocolate itself.


There are hints of coffee interspersed, even though there is none. At the beginning these hints of coffee chocolate that spreads across your mouth releasing almost a citrus like flavor and once everything is gone you feel like a delicious coffee candy just visited.


Be careful as you can consume many spoonfuls while trying to identify everything that is delicious in this sauce.


Incredibly simple, the smoothness of taste is complex as you get to know it on a more personal level. One jar can change your life, though more than one would be better.


ingredients: Cream (milk), cane sugar, Glucose syrup (wheat), butter (milk), cocoa paste (100% cocoa beans), Sea salt, espresso, coffee extract (coffee, water, sugar), lemon juice,vanilla beans.  May contain: pineuts, soy, tree nuts