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  • Brontedolci Almond Torrone with Candied Orange


Brontedolci Almond Torrone with Candied Orange

150g - Bronte, Sicily

Finissima Pasticceria Brontese. This is Soft Almond and Candied Fruits Nougat with a wafer covering. (We know this because it says so on the packaging)

To the nose it smells like nougat... biting it is of course possible, though I must confess, I have never done that. Instead I always cut with a knife. A sharp knife works well. A butter knife, like I am using tonight works just as well.

Though in this case the nuts in this nougat are big and plentiful, so cutting through is more like a dodge, bend and wiggle cut as you push your way through. 

The reward is this bite of soft almonds and candied orange peel that is glued together with nougat. It is good! It is even better than that!

You could easily eat the whole bar in less than one episode of Parts Unknown, though the back of throat will remind you that every bite has some serious sugar!

It's a wonderful treat where the nuts and the orange come together in harmony, the vehicle of the torrone is so, so, so much better than ...