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Blacklick Spice Lemoncello Hot Pepper Sauce

5 oz bottle - Sugar Land, TX

Heat level: Medium

Lemoncello® is truely a unique hot sauce. Its spice lemon flavor makes it s a great sauce for lighter fare, such as fish and other seafood, and chicken.  You can even use it in a vinaigrette or marinade.  It has a bright, fresh lemony flavor followed by a subtle yet zippy pepper kick - ideal for anything you add lemon to.

ingredients: cider vinegar, lemon, scotch bonnets, spice, salt, garlic

Blacklick Hot
Lemoncello® Sauce

This yellow-looking hot sauce, when shaken not stirred, has more of a green than yellow color with a green tinge. 

When you pop the top on this one you don't get that immediate hit, like you might with the Bajan sauce. 

To the nose it is much more twisty and turny. And right off the bat you get the feel that the peppers are in your nose, tingling away. 

In the spoon the aroma is arguably a classic hot sauce with a pepper nose. The type of pepper you are smelling is the Scotch Bonnet pepper. 

It doesn’t take much to know this is hot. Like hot. 🥵 Barely a taste to the tongue can set you a’ fire. 

The lemon is there on the front end, and then is quickly followed by the heat of the pepper. The combination of the lemon and the salt come together quickly giving you that citrus just before the pepper and the heat comes in to spread out across the tongue. 

It is artistry, the combination of the elements of lemon and pepper that make this hot sauce a real treat.