• Beans and Corn w/Bacon Jam Recipe

Beans and Corn w/Bacon Jam Recipe


1 can of Beans or vegetarian chili

1 can of canned corn or frozen corn

add ons to make life better

bacon jam



Beans and Corn w/Bacon Jam Recipe

This started as a way to make a quick lunch over a simple campfire or stove while camping. Adding salt, pepper, and spices of your choice can elevate the meal. When you incorporate the Bacon Jam into this recipe, it transforms from a basic meal to deliciousness! Definitely worth trying!


1. Add can of beans and corn to a sautè pan or a sauce pan
2. Heat and stir off and on until bubbly 
3. Add bacon jam and turn off heat

serve in bowls and add a spoonful of molé  

serves 1 to 2 when camping