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Basque Black Cherry Preserves (Confiture de Cerises Noires)

(NOTE: US label has been changed to say "black cherry jam" - although the french on the label is still the same.  So, this is not technically a jam - it's a confit.)

250 gram jar - Ustaritz, France (Basque Region)

Confiture de Cerises noires

Black cherry preserves

Open the jar of Confiture de Cerises Noires, and whilst you inhale the inner sweetness, your inner nose tingles with a tickely lovely feel. 

This Black Cherry Preserves is just plain (4 ingredients) perfect.

Look inside the jar and you see dark, dark red hues. You can see the small cherries shape in its own liquid. It is all enticing as you dive in with a cautious spoon to have your first taste.

And what a wonderful experience! Not so tart that you wish you never tried it (like many over-processed cherries in a jar) and not even close to being pucker crazy with too much sugar.

These Cherries got flavor!

These little “incroyable” rare “cerises noires” (black cherries) are harvested near the village of Itxassou in the French Basque Country. So rare today that just 3 tons are harvested each year. (In contrast, Washington State produced 237,000 tons of cherries in 2015)

A softness that is not mushy, the skin disappears altogether as you “macher”. Ideas pop into your head on how you can bring this cherry into your life.

Traditionally used for Gateau Basque, simply Basque Cake, “the cake of the house”, these special cherries are “parfait” in a cream puff, in a croissant, topping vanilla ice cream, or on every piece of cheesecake. And it’s not just for sweets, think of a soft cheese or the core to a lovely duck sauce!

With just a twist of the wrist to remove the lid you will expose your inner taste buds to a unique slice of food heaven with these black cherry preserves!


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Not a big sweet person but these cherry preserves all fruit flavor. A little goes a long way. Delicious
by Jim
Black Cherries have a very unique flavor. These preserves enhance that special flavor and don't use too much sugar to achieve it. They have elevated toast with a little butter and these preserves to dessert. This time, I getting two jars so maybe I can share one, but I'm not sure I'm that kind (I did use "maybe").
by Robyn