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Awajishima Tsubu Moshio Seaweed Sea Salt

40 gram bag - Awaji-shima, Japan

Awajishima Tsubu Moshio
Seaweed Sea Salt

Tsubu Moshio are big crystal moshio.

All the ingredients are 100% sourced from Awajishiman, an island in Japan's Seto inland sea.

The delicate seaweed is flavor-packed umami cooked up carefully by seasoned salt artisans perfectly complementing meat or fish. This is an amazing salt that is a reflection of the riches of Awaji Island’s surrounding seas.

The development of moshio, seaweed salt, has been around since ancient times when seaweed was burned and the ash was used for its salty properties.

As time progressed, the salt-making technique advanced to drying seaweed under the sun until the salt crystals forms which are rinsed off into a pool of salt water to create a concentrated brine that is then boiled down to form a crystallized salt.

You only need a small pinch to allow the unique flavors of this all-natural salt to shine. This is a finishing salt; you might top a Maguro sushi with a grain or two.

ingredients: sea water, seaweed

Not generally packaged commercially - only packaged for local consumption. Supply limited.