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  • Alvear Dry Sherry Vinegar (PX) 100% Pedro Ximenez
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Alvear Dry PX Sherry Vinegar
375 ml bottle
- Montilla, Spain 

Pedro Ximénez Sweet Vinegars from Spain are a step above ordinary sherry vinegar. It all begins with Alvear’s award-winning dry sherry wines of Montilla

There are just a few less than a zillion sherry vinegars out there in the world. We only have two. Well, actually we have three now. And they all are special, worth having and each have chefs who swear by only one!

What’s so very special about these two aged (10 and 12 years) Pedro Ximenez sherry-style vinegars is that they start with Alvear’s award winning dry sherry-style wines of Montilla. Made using the traditional solera method of fermentation and aging as a DOP Sherry vinegar

These 100% Pedro Ximenez Sherries bring the amazing flavor profile over as they transition into vinegar!

So many sherry vinegars are sharp, and can barely carry more than one note. These two, dry and sweet, are very special, complex, each with many flavor notes that is more akin to a fine wine than a typical harsh vinegar.

With careful sampling, you can taste the wood of the aging barrels and the fruitiness of the grape that makes these PX sherry vinegars very, very special.

The dry, aged 12 years, has so much aroma punch it puckers your inner nose and soul. You can taste the wood in the finish, almost like a caramel flavor. A sharpness and an edge to the flavor receptors clearly defines lines, but not so painful that it isn't pleasant and rewarding.

The sweet to the nose is, well, sweet. It too has some distinct notes, well defined but not quite as aggressive; a more rounded edge. The sweet sings too, but perhaps a little less complex, leaving you with a smooth feeling.

These Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegars are at the top of the food pyramid. Think a simple Kefta Rub with the dry sherry for a beef or pork grill. The sweet would go well in a fruit cherry compote, a little acidity would make it sing!

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Wonderful; a little bit goes a long way toward adding complexity.
by Tom