Master Emmer - Farro Recipe


2 cups Emmer/Farro (or Whole Freekeh)

enough water to cover

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Master Emmer (or Freekeh) Recipe

From a cooking perspective, Emmer and Freekeh are interchangeable. From a taste perspective, they are quite different, as freekeh is picked green and toasted dry before hulling and has a slightly toasty flavor. 


1. 2 cups emmer (freekeh)

2. Add to boiling water and turn down to simmer immediatly. Cook until tender and still chewy, about 42 minutes.

3. Drain when done.

For a richer and more savory Emmer, cook soaked grain in a few cups of light chicken stock or vegetable stock. (Mushroom stock is particularly tasty.) Save any extra liquid for soups or sauces.