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  • Acetoria Tomato Vinegar


Acetoria (Acetum Manufaktur) Tomato Vinegar

250 ml - Alto Adige, Italy

Creating vinegar from a plant is a scientific process and an art project all rolled into one. It is worth it though!

You can definitely taste the difference in this awesome tomato vinegar that shares the hand of the artist involved (think of Katz' Gravensteins Apple Vinegar) when the fruit essence is expertly extracted into a wonderful ingredient.

When you taste this Acetoria Tomato Vinegar straight up, if you close your eyes, you can taste the tomato origins of this vinegar. Even if the tomato is not discernible, this vinegar clearly has distinctive notes. Every time I taste this tomato vinegar it brings back the memory of when I first tasted it over 20 years ago.

Adorn a robust tomato salad with this gourmet tomato vinegar and you will feel like the world is your oyster.

This, by far, is one of the most-favored customer vinegars of all times.

When you pair the vinegar with tomatoes it really makes the tomato come alive! If you love fresh tomatoes and can't stop yourself from having them in every dish during the season, then this vinegar is for you!

About Acetoria Essigmanufaktur

Joseph Reiterer and his colleague Robert Bauer have a small "fattoria" on Joseph's farm near the town of Meltina in the province of Bolzano. Joseph is an acclaimed sparkling wine maker in the Alto Adige while Robert is considered the most skilled Master vinegar maker in all of Germany.

This mountainous area of Italy's Alto Adige was a province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and German sounding names are quite common throughout the region. Joseph is well known for his craftsmanship and his respect for agricultural output of a given “territory."

Acetoria vinegars are made with the utmost attention to detail from the sugar and acid levels of fruit that are pressed, fermented and then acidified to the quality of the wine used to make their wine vinegars.

Vinegar "mothers" are carefully chosen, the temperature and humidity of the process are controlled and just the right type of wood is used for the appropriate aging period.

The results are vinegars with rich, deep, and complex flavors, to be savored in their own right. More than just acids for your favorite salads, they are liquids that whole meals can be built around.

serving suggestions
Acetoria tomato vinegar is perfect for a simple vinaigrette. But, the uses don't stop there, a caprese or just a simple platter of homegrown or heirloom tomatoes drizzled with this gourmet tomato vinegar and sprinkled with sea salt will come alive.

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