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  • A Quintet of Cherries



Quintet of Fresh Cherries - five 4 to 5-pound boxes of fresh cherries (23 pounds total)

Picked-at-their-Peak fresh cherries are harvested and shipped between early-June and late-July. If ordering other items, please place separate orders, as pre-ordering product will delay your entire order.

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All five fresh, sweet cherry varieties - for a grand total of 23 pounds of organic cherries delivered. 

Early Robins - 4 pounds - Currently estimated to ship 06.21.21 but it could be the following Monday, June 25th.

Bing - 5 pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Late JUNE

Rainier - 4 pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Late JUNE/Early JULY

Lapins - 5 Pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Early JULY 

Sweethearts - 5 Pounds - Currently estimated to ship in Mid to Late JULY

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*Note: Quintet of Fresh Washington Cherries not eligible for any discounts - as Quinter is already highly discounted