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Orange & Chocolate





Hot Chocolate




Hot Toddy Hot Toddy
A lovely blend of honey, lemon and real whisky - smooth and warming for making into a hot drink by adding a couple of spoonfuls to a mug of boiling water, or adding to your hot chocolate. Or, try it over your toast for a midnight snack! Or for a warming and decadent breakfast drizzled over your porridge (otherwise known as oatmeal....)
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Flamigni Traditional Panforte Traditional Panforte
from Siena, birthplace of Panforte

Like the stained glass of the Duomo di Siena, a slice of Flamigni Tradizionale Panforte positively glows. Unwrap the paper wrapping and find a foil bag with a packet of powdered sugar. Open the bag and you will uncover a panforte made in Siena.

Looking like a cake without it's frosting, you see every delicious morsel of candied fruit and nuts in plain site. You "swaddle" in powdered sugar and then slice into thin, thin pieces. The first bite is better than you can imagine. Not hard, but soft, full of flavor and filled with holiday joy!

Made from September to February, we have panforte in November and December. This year we offer one from three brothers, Flamigni. The company was started in 1930, where they continue to produce their specialities in the traditional ways. Using the same ingredients and following the recipes that are over 8o years old.

Where fruitcake, stollen and panforte are similar in their use of candied fruit and nuts, the "feel" of each is wildly different. For me, I like all three, and no holiday is complete without these very special treats!

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Italian Panettone Italian Panettone!

Sorrento Lemon Panettone is on its way! By far our most favorite popular panettone, this very tasty cake has been great every year we have carried it. Along with all the other flavors coming, some here already, there is a panettone that fits you or your most cherished friends.

Whether you use a knife to cut it or tear a handful or just like placing it on the radiator and let the smell fill your home, panettone is a way to signal that the holidays are here.

As a gift, the beauty of panettone is that it's pre-wrapped in festive garb, some more than others. No one will be disappointed when this treat is opened!

The panettone we offer here are all started with a mother yeast that, in some cases, is many generations old. This is the key to amazing and special panettone!

No rain-checks or backorders on these baked-to-order holiday treats as what we have is what we get for the year. Extremely limited supply on some of the "flavors", so if you are thinking about one in particular order ahead! Large orders should be placed right away!

Shop now for Panettone holiday Party Annual Holiday Party!
The counters are empty …
They're empty now. With just a handful of Holiday Treats in-the-house, everything else has cleared customs and is on its way to our shelves, floor, and any surface not occupied.

If you are in town, (Seattle), come on down to our store at 1425 Elliott Avenue W, Seattle, WA 98119 on Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26 from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. We will have every cake open to try, condiments to pair with cheese, Olive oil from Morocco and Argentina, and to wash it all down, Italian Coffee, Chai from India, and special tea from China. And if that's not enough we will have our new 70-60 Hot Chocolate for dessert to pair with a Cannoli! All served up by the people who bring it to us.

We apologize to those of you who are far-away and won't be able to join us! It's fun to hang out and talk about food! If we can figure out how to do it we will post updates on Facebook.

Order now to ensure that we don't run out, because when we are out there won't be anymore holiday cheer till next year!

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  Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Without a doubt one of our favorite estate olive oils from Italy. This gold-green olive oil is intensely fruity on the nose, explosive even with bold notes of green vegetable and green tomato. It opens with a rich butteriness on the lips and tongue before giving way to green olive and green vegetable.

The Pianogrillo farm is organic in respect to the EEC rules. Chemical manipulations and pesticides aren't allowed. The olive grove is cultivated using natural products and simple agricultural techniques. The average height of the olive grove is about 350 meters above sea level, and at this height the olive fly is rare and easily controlled.

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We're Smoking again!
"(The Mangalitsa Smoked bacon) arrived this morning (in time for breakfast!) so, of course, I cooked some up immediately. IT IS AMAZING, DELICIOUS, MOUTH-WATERINGLY GOOD. It is not too salty, full of wonderful mangalitsa fat (which I saved as it rendered from the cooking of the bacon), and has a delightful mouth feel. Even my wife commented on how noticeably better it was than other bacon that we have had recently."-- Paul, longtime customer

This Weeks Recipes

Red Grape and Cranberry Relish
Easy to do. Quick to Make. Perfect for your turkey.

Muscovado and Mustard Dressing
All you need is a bowl and whisk, lemon, Muscovado sugar, mustard, and mayo. Though we first made it for Easter, it goes on mashed potatoes. Easy Easy Easy!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Recipe
It's the time of year when we look forward to Marion Burros Holiday Roundup. Sadly the Times dropped this fabulous food list last year. It doesn't keep us from mentioning her and her always wonderful book Cooking for Comfort. This recipe is from there adapted to go with our favorite ingredients.

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