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Yamatsu Tsujita Kokusan Tokujo Takanotsume - Premium Hawk's Claw Chili Pepper Pods

Net weight 17 grams - Japan

Ingredients: dried red Takanotsume chili pepper

Known as The Claw of the Hawk 

Takanotsume are known as The Claw of the Hawk because of their talon shape, and are a favorite pepper for people to grow at home. 

Takanotsume is a wonderful ornamental plant which yields 2 1/2 to 3 cm long peppers that grow upright in a bunch and can give you a lot of peppers! 

Tangy, slightly salty, initially very friendly and flavor-rich, with a delay that finishes with big heat, this is the hottest heirloom chili pepper grown in Japan. 

Takanotsume are excellent cooking peppers and can be used whole in dishes or chopped for a stir fry. Commercially this pepper is often dried or powdered and treated as a ingredient to enhance other food. 

For hot people it is considered a medium heat; it is a capsicum annuum with a heat rating of 20,000 – 30,000 SHU, which in a normal mouth is pretty gosh darn hot. 

Overall, this is good heat that does not pounce or bite at you; it’s more rounded, a nice “open up your taste buds” heat. 

At Yamatsu Tsujita Co. Ltd, Tsujita-san, the craftsman who makes this pepper available, is on a mission to keep these peppers growing in Japan, where over 90% of red chili peppers eaten there come from somewhere else. 

This is why the Takanotsume peppers inside the jar are hand-selected for their shape and good looks; Tsujita-san is eager to share these wonderful peppers with the world.