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XV Castillo de Canena Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil - 250 ml - Spain

XXI Century Oil
A smokey Olive Oil

A 21st Century oil. Somehow the name, Castillo (Castle), sounds perfect for an oil that is smoked.

The other day, one of our local store regulars came in and announced he would really like us to carry a smoked oil. Like you, our customers know so much about food, and we learn so much from you all! And, when someone mentions a product they are looking for, we jump on it. Though not everything makes it to the shelves, we still enjoy the “taste”!

This oil, from Castillo d Canena (whose oils we love), has an oil that tastes so good! And it isn’t “smoky” like the others. No liquid smoke added ... Castillo d Canena uses a process of smoking organic oak wood to flavor the oil.

The experience is indeed XXIst! Let us start with the bottle. Wrapped in a turquoise orMediterranean Blue “wrap”, it is eye “grabbing”. Graphically labeled with the look of a fairy tale story, you can’t help but read it everytime you see it.

Open it and smell the smokiness emit itself upon your nostrils. The taste is like, well it's shocking, the smokiness comes first, then the oil dissolves and then, then the heat burns and makes you cough. Wow! IT is a lot of ... bacon in a swallow!

It’s good, and but I haven’t grasped what to do with it yet. Perhaps a salad, soup, beans? I think beans! What do you think? Try it! You might love it or not, it’s worth having.