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Tomme Corse Ottavi Pecorinu Cheese from Corsica

1/4 wheel (approx 1.75 pounds) - Corsica
(Price includes shipping. If you want a full wheel, please order 4 1/4 wheels)

Tomme Corse Ottavi is a masterfully crafted pecorinu cheese from Fromager Antoine Ottavi, a local cheese-maker that has been making cheese for generations.

This is a raw sheep's milk made in Ghisonaccia, a coastal region of Eastern Corsica. It bears a natural, taupe-colored rind that takes on a light white or orange-colored bloom from natural bacteria which flourish in the aging caves, where the cheese matures from 6 to 8 months. Like a good sourdough starter, the Tomme de Brebis cheese takes on flavors from its particular location, in this case its the breezy sea air that creates its special nuance.

The interior is endlessly smooth, with a nutty flavor and firm bite.

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