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Favols Pruneaux d'Agen Zestes d'Orange - Agen Prunes with Orange Zest Prune Cream

250 gram box - France - 10 Prunes

Cut this prune in half and you might see the a piece of candied orange peel peeking out.

If you just taste the prune center alone, you’ll get the delightful flavor of prune infused with orange.

One bite and you can't help but close your eyes as you savor the flavor --it is THAT delicious!

With a gentle touch to the sweet side, the center of the prune is this wonderful, lush orange-flavored creme.

It’s as if you're eating micro-jets of aromatic oil exploding from the skin of an orange when you peel it, but in a solid form via pruneau cream. The finish is the delightful chew of the skin of the prune.

Scissor one in half to share, or enjoy by yourself. Take your time with this one if you can. I can’t wait to eat another!

ingredient: prune cream 55% (agen prunes, cane sugar, glucose, apple, apricot, fruit pectin, natural orange aroma), agen prunes 45%, orange zest 8%, sorbic acid

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gold nuggets
Agen stuffed prunes are harder to find in the US than the proverbial gold nugget, and especially any with other than standard prune creme filling. They are so delicious as an after dinner or cocktail party treat, and with a glass of cognac, beyond compare.
by David Brooks