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Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey
2 kilos (70 oz/4.4 lbs) - Tasmania

Tasmanian Leatherwood honey has been recognized by connoisseurs of food around the world for over 100 years. The special appreciation for Leatherwood honey is derived for several reasons. First, its unusual flavor, sweet floral aroma and its complex aromatic palate that lingers; second, its quality factors, bright golden color, low moisture and balance of sugars, and third, its healthy vitality.

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Tasmania is the smallest and most southern state of Australia, situated some 250 kilometers south of the continental mainland. The island contains a very diverse range of natural elements: rugged mountains, alpine moors, rich agricultural land, gentle valleys with historic towns and villages, hundreds of lakes, and sweeping white beaches.

Tasmania lies on the latitude 42 degrees South. The only other landmasses that share this latitude are the South Island of New Zealand and southern Chile. All else is the vast expanse of the Great Southern Ocean with its prevailing westerly winds, known in this latitude as the "Roaring Forties."

It is in the valleys of the remarkable and inhospitable western mountain region with over 100 inches of rainfall that the Leatherwood tree grows as a rainforest under-story tree. The Leatherwood tree typically grows 10 to 15 meters, occasionally reaching 30 meters in height, attaining maturity at around 250 years old.

The trees begin to flower in mid-January and continue until early March. The tree bears an abundance of extremely delicate white flowers with a fresh piquant scent. Leatherwood is so named because of the leathery texture of its leaves.


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The red wine of honey.
This honey is to other honeys like red wine is to grape juice. It has a complex and rich flavor lacking in traditional honeys. Excellent with cheeses and teas.
by Kevin
5 star honey
Great product, was delivered on time so acccurate shipping time. It's the cheapest i found online so far. Also i got extra discount from a coupon i found online. Will buy it again for sure!
by Gadir
Crostada di Miele e Pignoli-Honey Pine Nut Tart
I make an Italian Honey Pinenut Tart( Crostada di Miele e Pignoli) It's fantastic for flavor. The Tasmanian Leatherwood mixed with milder Acacia Honey gives a beautiful floral taste and odor that is simply wonderful.
by Michael West