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  • Tartuflanghe White Truffle Powder


Tartuflanghe Raccolti Dalbosco White Truffle Powder

60 gram shaker jar - Italy

POPCORN as diet food
Top it with truffle powder, or maybe even shrimp powder.
Popcorn is way more than a movie treat or a kid based snack.

As an adult snack it is low in calories and great for poop relief. It’s the fibre in the corn that helps there. One cup of air-popped popcorn has about a gram of fiber and 30 calories. So partake in popped popcorn in a plentiful way to push the … diet forward.

It is also the rage these days to top your popped corn with something besides butter and salt. Of course many would argue it is always the rage to eat popcorn as calorie saver.

Top with an excellent fine sea salt (I wonder if a mist of salty water might be better?) and a condiment of your choice. Chocolate is good, though that is more like a dipping than a topping, and it does add calories.

We like to think interesting flavored salts is a good choice, though many of those are “salt first" kind of flavors. More salt than flavor.

Now on the other hand, (Popcorn eating can be an ambidextrous thing, just think of your first movie date and where you sat was way more important than the location of the popcorn was) we have this amazing jar of Tartuflanghe white truffle powder that has just a touch of salt in it. That’s right, for you truffle lovers, this might be the most important culinary movie you make in your life.

It has the aroma and the taste of white truffle (that’s because it is truffle, not some conception borne in a test tube) and is like truffle fairy dust you can gently toss with a flick of your wrist over a vat of popcorn. (Because it is so light it might not add any calories to your already popped dinner.) It truly might be the ultimate in truffle love!

Keep in mind, that the creator of this white truffle treat was not thinking of culinary popcorn. Most likely he was thinking how to preserve the wonderful nuanced flavors of the elusive white truffle to add at any time, at a moments notice, to the dish you just created!

Truffle and popcorn, now that is a diet worth eating.

ingredients: rice flour, salt, natrual flavor, olive seed powder, freeze dried white truffle (0.2%), pepper


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Amazing! Deep white truffle flavor.
I love white truffles and am very fussy about products containing them. This one is phenomenal! If you like white truffles, this provides you with the ability to add them to every dish you want, any time. (Remember to add after the cooking is done.) Truly Great!
by Hank