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  • Summerdown Peppermint Tea


Summerdown Peppermint Tea
15 pyramid tea bags - England

One whiff of this tea, and you'll swoon with pleasant, minty memories . . . and that's before you even open the box!

This very minty peppermint tea is made with old-fashioned Black Mitcham peppermint - for centuries, the true flavor of England's famed mint, but a variety that finally died out due to changes in 20th-century farming. After generations, Summerdown, the producer of the tea, has reintroduced this variety, thus bringing back the mint's particular flavor - soft and lingering, with a cool, intense flavor. Just what peppermint tea ought to be.


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Best Tea, Ever
Love this tea! The only thing I dislike is how difficult it is to find. Wish more people in my area sold this!
by Melissa Burgess