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  • Spaghetti - Corn pasta - gluten free


Spaghetti - Corn Pasta - Gluten Free

250 gram box
 (8.8 oz) - Italy

Though the obvious consumption of these bright pastas might be by those with gluten intolerance, we prefer to think of this pasta as a twist on a great idea. Instead of wheat, it is made with corn. And the color is bright and pretty, turning a familiar plate into something new!

From organically grown corn from Northern Italy, this pasta pairs well with bright colors of green like spinach and pesto, or the reds of tomatoes.

Cook with care, less forgiving than wheat pasta, all it really asks is to watch the time and cook it al dente. In some ways, this pasta has more taste than many run-of-the-mill pastas. Iit has a character that implies corn, without really tasting corny!