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  • Slitti Chocolate Covered Black Cherries


Slitti Chocolate Covered Black Cherries

150 gram box - Tuscany, Italy

Everything from Andrea Slitti is a special treat. And these Chocolate Covered Cherries are no exception.

What Andrea does best is take what is common or readily available, and then make it special, unique, and cravingly great!

Just like Slitti Nocciolata is the very best Hazelnut Crème there is, or Andrea’s Rusty Tools (ok, not so common) and chocolate spoons, these cherries are a sensational taste, besides being a cool shape!

Bite into your first cherry and create a memory to cherish forever! The soft bite of chocolate and the cherry is this delectable combination of holiday cheer... first the chocolate smoothly is bitten through, and then the cherry comes with a contrast, not of a fresh sweet cherry, more like a soft morsel of sour cherry.

Not too much, just right!