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Single Vineyard Pinot Noir Vinegar - KATZ

375 ml bottle - Napa, CA

1 part acid - 3 parts fat
Perfect for a Vinaigrette - Pinot Noir Vinegar

This vinegar started with a very famous vintner in the Oak Knoll region of Napa Valley who offered Albert, 2 years ago, a Pinot Noir wine. Normally, Albert stays away from Pinot Noir as it will lose its vim (and vigor) when it converts to a vinegar.

This one caught Albert's taste buds, and he took a chance. The result is here, where the classic Pinot Noir flavor is present with a sweetness that is colorful and airy, still red in color and personality.

To the nose, past the tingly acidic notes, it’s pretty light and fluffy; it is rosy.

To the mouth, it is still a vinegar with some sharp edges, yet it is sweet and unlike many sherry or red wine vinegars, it doesn’t punch you or make your eyes well up with tears.

It is a mouth, cheek, lip, and tongue-smacking good. You really want to get every little bit of the Pinot Noir vin you can. With notes of berry, pomegranate, and sweet spices.

This is a one-time, extremely limited run. There may be (at least 2 years away) other vinegars like this from special wines in the future, but who knows. This is a vinegar worth having in your pantry. I am making room in my milk crate of vinegars for this one!

To make a perfect vinaigrette it must have the very best ingredients to be wowza! The basic rule is 1 part acid to 3 parts fat. We recommend a Katz Chef’s Pick and this Pinot Noir Vinegar. With Fallot Dijon Mustard acting as the emulsifier to keep the mixture “together”.

Measure the vinegar, thoroughly blend in the mustard with a whisk, stick blender, or a blender. Add 1/3 of the oil slowly into the blend. Then, transfer to a bowl, and while whisking vigorously, slowly drizzle the remaining olive oil in to create the short-lived emulsion. Store for up to 2 weeks. Shake or stick blend to bring it back to an emulsion. Salt your salad before. And pepper after if you so desire.

This is the perfect vinegar to start (or to add) your collection of vinegars! Like a rare wine, this is a one-time vintage of Vinegar.

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