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  • Scrappys Lime Bitters


Scrappy's Lime Bitters - 5 oz bottle - Seattle

Give your next batch a guacamole, lime and mint sorbet, halibut ceviche, or key lime pie a little lime-y zip. Anything that takes a good squeeze of lime or lime zest can use a few drops of Scrappy's lime bitters - without hesitation. Gives everything a mysterious flavor depth that will make your guests wonder what makes your recipe better then theirs...

About Scrappy's:

Scrappy’s Bitters was founded by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas. In his search for a better bitters, he dove headfirst into research and development, immersing himself in the world herbs and methods of extraction. He learned to pair flavors in order to intensify the taste he was seeking, and he came to understand that there were not only many ways to extract flavor from the same source, but that each yielded a different flavor. His journey proved fruitful: After years of experiments Scrappy’s officially launched in 2008, and a small, but dedicated team has been making handcrafted bitters in Seattle, WA ever since.

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