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  • SOMA Green Tangerine 70-Percent Dark Chocolate Bar


SOMA Green Tangerine 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

65 gram bar - Toronto, Canada

From the back: Green Tangarines have a fresh, citrus aroma and delicate floral notes of orange blossoms. The fruits are picked a few weeks early when the outer peel is glossy, vibrant green and the fruit is tangy - like a cross between kimquats and clementines.  The tangarines are organic, grown in Brazil, and the peel cold pressed to create a bright and lively citrus oil.  The chocolate is their 70% Bejofo, Madagascar, a melting pot of citrus, red fruits and roasty flavors. Tasting notes: roasted cacao, tangerine, lime, brownies, chocolate, and orange blossom.

ingredients: cacao nibs, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter, green tangarine oil

May contain traces of peantus, tree nuts, soy and dairy.


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Soma Green Tangerine chocolate bar
One of the best chocolate bars from a fantastic chocolatier!!!!
by Lisa