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  • Rub With Love Salmon


Tom Douglas Rub With Love Salmon - 3.5 oz  - Seattle, WA

This Tom Douglas rub is used on the most popular dish at Etta's Seafood restaurant - named "the best salmon dish in Seattle" by Northwest Palate magazine. The secret is in the blending of brown sugar and thyme, with a dose of delicious smoked paprika - truly heavenly on grilled salmon!

Each tub of rub comes with a Tom Douglas recipe to try!

About the Producer
Prolific restaurateur Tom Douglas is an institution in the Seattle food scene. Tom has helped shape an exciting new "Pacific Rim" cuisine for more than 20 years, drawing on the food traditions of the Northwest, California and Asia - and always highlighting the region's best local ingredients. He's remained true to his Delaware roots, though, by elevating the crab cake to a lasting place of prominence on Northwest menus!

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