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I tried All-Sorts licorice on my first trip to England many years ago. It’s difficult to find them in the States and when I do, they are often hard and stale. These are very fresh. I bought two packages and next time I’ll buy more. It’s easy to eat a package in one sitting!
by Jacqueline
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RJ's Licorice Allsorts

180 gram bag  - New Zealand


Allsorts from New Zealand

I have always loved these little soft “sandwiches”. Sweet-to-eat with a hint of coconut along with the licorice, twists these “pop-in-your-mouth” goodies and make them a royal treat.

The candy has a sweet history starting in 1842 when George Bassett moved to Sheffield, England and opened a confectionary shop. By 1859 with multiple shops he sold the business and entered the manufacturing world.

Geo Basset & Co Ltd. by 1876 was the largest confectionary factory in the world.

In 1899, as the story goes, a tray of sweets was knocked over during a sales call and the customer liked the look of the jumbled candy samples and the “new” Liquorice Allsorts was created.

Rj’s Licorice Allsorts are sugar candies that are a modern version of the original. Soft and pliable with the sweetness of a candy that is perfect for the flight from Seattle to NYC! Carry it in your carryon bag or hide it in your drawers.