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  • Pralus Pistachio Infernale Bar


Pralus Pistachio Infernale Bar

160 gram bar - France

The creamy interior feels creamy!

This is a 3 dimensional “bar” of chocolate. Filled with a pistachio cream that is divine! If you will, it is three bars in one.

The creamy interior feels creamy, but seemingly without flavor. If you want to experience the pistachio you must squeeze your cheeks in and rub your tongue around. And then a warm smooth pistachio flavor comes thru.

Refrain from chewing vigorously and instead dissolve the paste and in a movement the flavor comes through as a smooth, sweet flavor.

As the cream dissolves what’s left is the shell of chocolate and whole pieces of pistachio. Crunch the pistachios and the chocolate is smooth with a slightly bitter dark feel, as one would expect from a 75% bar.

There is a stickiness to the cream and a bit of drying left on the tongue, like the aftermath of a dessert storm. It is really quite interesting and really lovely.

Separate the chocolate from the cream, and you can easily taste the chocolate, easy to bite, with chocolate flavors of a wonderful Pralus bar.

As for the cream, there is something about it that makes you wanna suck your tongue and the inner parts of your mouth to get the full flavor. If there was such a thing as the pistachio effect, it would be here. Even after the cream is completely gone you find yourself moving your mouth around trying to find all the little nuances and little tidbits hiding places to get that last hint of flavor.

If you like super sweet, this is not that. This chocolate concoction is more about a savory experience – of chocolate.