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Pojer e Sandri Cold Pressed Quince Syrup

5 oz (150 ml) jar - Faedo, Italy

ingredients: 100% concentrated quince juice

Note about jar: This jar leaks. We have tried everything... even closed sitting without moving on the counter it will leak! Please refigerate when you receive it, and after you open it.

Cold Pressed Quince Syrup
from Pojer e Sandri Estate

The quince is a fruit that may have started the Trojan War according to fruit lore. It all has to do with Helen of Troy, daughter of Zeus, a kidnapping, a rescue, various suitors, an affair, a marriage, a slaying or two, and the golden apple fruit, or was Helen the fruit?

It seems that the appearance of a whole or cut quince is the best reflection or teller of its supposed tale.

The outsides of this voluptuous fruit when ripe has a yellow skin that is lumpy and bumpy. Inside it looks similar to its pome brethren: the apple and pear. And when it comes to the taste, it is not the expectation the visual has given you.

Quince, when ripe, is at best super tart. The skin is tough to chew and the flesh is not smooth, more like a mealy pear. Yet when it is cooked down it becomes quite pleasurable. A wonderful texture of a firm jelly and smooth tofu.

Though, often sugar is added when making quince jelly, quince has this wonderful natural sweetness that is in perfect harmony with its tartness.

It is this harmony that makes this very special quince syrup so wonderful!

Surrounded by a forest, the orchards of Pojer e Sandri Estate grow the Ronda and Silver quince species organically. In the fall they harvest the quince and hand select the fruit to be cold pressed in a unique vacuum process.

This unique process concentrates the flavors, creates a sweetness without sugar or heat, transforming the quince into a syrup.

Open the jar and you get an instant waft of a recognizable smell… really a combination of recognizable smells. Is it plum or tropical fruit? It is definitely quince.

It has a wonderful mahogany color in the spoon that is more like a rich oak color when dry. To the nose it has all those elements described above and not a twinge or twisty acetic hit but a sweet alluring tartness.

At the point of taste (and anticipation) this unique and very wonderful sweet fruitiness starts and rolls around as you press your tongue up to the roof of your mouth were there is a tartness that explodes as it marries with the flavor of the fruitiness. This is the essence of the quince.

The tongue speaks on its own about the tickles of tartness interspersed with sweetness of sweet.

From savory foods to sweet with drinks in between, this syrup is crazy versatile. Ready to go with and even marry with soft or hard cheese, a good pork chop, or in a unique martini, shaken or stirred.

This very special, unusual, unique, Cold Pressed Quince Syrup is absolutely wonderful. Truly culinary happiness.