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Pesto alla Genovese
500 gram jar
- Liguria, Italy

A registered DOP pesto made with 100% authetic Genevoese basil.

About the Pesto:
The nucleus of modern day pesto starts in North Africa and India, where basil becomes the main ingredient. Basil pesto takes hold in Provence (as pistou) and Liguria (as pesto alla genovese). A recipe was published in La Cuciniera Genovese in the 1860’s, and the dish moved with its immigrants to the New World. Of course, good, authentic pesto starts with good, authentic ingredients.

The most important ingredient? Genovese Basil. La Favorita pesto is made with DOP certified Genovese Basil.

Basil cultivation is age old, but today basil is enjoying more popularity all over the world than ever before; not only for its delicious aroma, which enriches any cuisine, but also because it represents the quality, simplicity and uniqueness of the Ligurian territory. The quality of basil strongly depends on the environment in which it is grown. Thanks to its particular mild climate and abundant sunshine, the constant sea breeze plays such an important role which means the entire region of Liguria proves to be ideal for basil farming.

It's this geography and tradition, paired with modern scientific methods of preparing and feeding the soil and naturally watering and preventing disease, and old-fashioned manual harvesting that ultimately impacts the quality of the basil used by La Favorita in their pesto.

The pesto itself is manufactured the old fashioned way, being careful not to bruise the basil. Using a machine of rotating knives and a mixing machine of “antique” origin, this method produces a delicate, handmade result in a commercial environment, allowing the basil to maintain its character all the way to you. A topping of Ligurian olive oil (made from ripe Taggiasca olives) creates a natural preservative and cover for the pesto to seal in the natural goodness and prevent oxidation of the basil.

About La Favorita
Founded just after World War II, La Favorita initially only sold their products in the Piedmont and Liguria regions of Italy. But today, their products are shipped all over the world. La Favorita takes their inspriation for new product ideas from ancient and traditional country Italian recipes of the two regions, like Pesto alla Genovese.

La Favorita only uses quality raw ingredients processed in a simple and natural way. That way they can maintain the pure taste of the ingredients and give the customer the feeling of eating the product freshly made. All their products are made without preservatives and colouring agents.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Genovese P.D.O. Basil (22%), cashews (tree nuts), sea salt, pine nuts (tree nuts)



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La Favorita Basil Pesto
After having traveled to Genoa as a guest of the local Beretta family who schooled me in the intricacies of the Genovese pesto, I searched the world for the authentic product. My efforts eventually brought me to the La Favorita brand, but it was quite difficult to find, even in New York City. To my great joy and gratitude, I found the wonderful people at I highly recommend both this pesto and the purveyor! Grazie a tutto! Salvatore Clemente
by Salvatore Clemente