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  • Ortiz Bonito del Norte Reserva Tuna tin
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Ortiz Bonito del Norte Reserva Spanish Tuna in Olive Oil (tin)

4 oz - Spain - Aged

The Family Reserve by Conservas Ortiz is a very special product: It has been aged for at least one year. Like a good wine, aging is a benefit. The olive oil continues to enhance the flavor of the tuna, almost as if it were curing it. The flavor becomes richer, more pronounced. Note: - actual age of product sold may vary and may not match photo shown.

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The Ferrari of Tuna
Is it worth paying $1.00 more for the reserve tins of Bonito Del Norte? After all, the regular tins are a great way to elevate what has been a staple of bad sandwiches and the occasional casserole into a home kitchen rock star on salads and in pastas. Answer? YES! The richness of the reserve, which is also aged for a year, is truly transformational. I made a dish with kale and chick peas that often I make for my vegetarian in the family, but upped its game with the tuna and a little reggiano parmigiano and the flavor just exploded! Experiential tuna and the oil itself is a great addition (Just trim back the oil in a recipe a bit and enjoy the flavor that the tuna-infused oil brings). People blanch at $8.89 a can but what would you pay for top grade beef, pork etc. Why is tuna any different, foodie nation?
by The Jazz Chef