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  • Oregon Growers Spicy Habanero Spread (Jelly)


Oregon Growers Spicy Habanero Spread (Jelly)
12 oz jar - Oregon
Spicy Habanero Jelly

The spicy Habanero wafts towards your nose as soon as you open the jar. It’s the smoky red pepper that’s first up and then there is a hint of the habanero.

The Spicy Habanero might just be my favorite of these five. When you open up the jar your nose fills, not with habanero pepper, but instead, surprisingly, with red bell pepper and a twinge in the nose. The Spicy Habanero has a jelly like texture with little bits of red in it. But don’t be afraid of the bits, it’s the bell pepper.

The jelly contains the heat and is incredibly pleasant, and not as hot as you might think. It will open up your pores, but your mouth won’t yell at you. I immediately added it to sour cream, dipped into it and loved it. I mixed it in with cream cheese and placed it on a cracker and it was joyous!

With just eight ingredients, it is delish-ee-oh-so sweet heat.