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  • Oregon Growers Blueberry Jam


Oregon Growers Blueberry Jam - 12 oz jar - Oregon

Blueberry Jam

This spread is my Jam. I love opening a jar that really pops! And this one did. It's like the opening salvo to your brain which tells your taste buds to open and be ready for a treat!

The squat, wide brimmed topped jar is easy to open and inside is jam, delicious blueberry jam!

At first whiff (and second whiff) there really isn't much aroma. Though blueberries if I remember right, really don't have an in your face overpowering smell anyway. Fresh blueberries smell kinda of like air.

To the mouth the taste is good. It is sweet of course and it is blueberry.

The first spoonful is a bite of jam, just like it should be. The second spoonful is when you separate the sweet smooth jam from the whole blueberry pieces. It is delicious and really not to sweet. And that's just on the spoon. Top a bagel or toast with this and good things happen! Spread'a'licious!!